ATLAS is a part of Exascale Open Data Analytics Lab. It has been awarded to NEDUET under National Center for Big Data & Cloud Computing (NCBC). The Exascale Open Data Analytics Lab is intended to perform research in four independent domains. Traffic Modelling is one of the four domains of the lab under NCBC.

This Lab aims to act as a leading research center in Pakistan in development of ITS-based technologies and solutions for improved traffic operations of new BRT systems and traffic network.

The center will also assist the authorities in developing transport policies to improve performance of transportation system and to train young professionals who can serve in development and operation of intelligent transportation system in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan.

Research Objectives

The Advanced Traffic Lab for Analytics & Simulation is aimed at developing indigenous traffic flow models and real-time traffic measurement and control technologies based on extensive field data and available principles of traffic engineering. ATLAS aims to develop policy frameworks and tools for sustainable and smart transport systems in Karachi and other areas of Pakistan. 

Research at ATLAS will be focused on achieving the following objectives:

1. Developing traffic flow models to model the local heterogeneous and undisciplined traffic streams;

2. Developing software for modeling the local traffic conditions;

3. Evaluating the accuracy of the existing technologies to measure the accuracy of undisciplined traffic streams;

4. Developing indigenous solutions and technologies to measure real-time traffic conditions;

5. Developing smart (adaptive) traffic signals and implementation of smart signals in Karachi;

6. Evaluating the current transport system in Karachi and developing policies to improve the design and operations of public transport;

7. Modeling the behavior of drivers in mixed traffic streams.

In addition to the above-mentioned research objectives, we look forward to expanding the research in other domains of the sustainable and smart transportation system with more research collaborations.